Hafið Wind Farm


Hafið Wind Farm was launched on 14 February 2013 and is north of Mt. Búrfell.

Will the wind finally be of any use?

Landsvirkjun runs a research and development project involving two wind turbines at Hafid Wind Farm, just north of Búrfell Power Station. The area is well-suited for the harnessing of wind energy, with steady airflow and wind speed reaching an average of 10-12 meters per second at a height of 55 meters.

The wind farm is built away from residential areas and wildlife, but necessary infrastructure, power lines and roads are within easy reach. Wind power is the cleanest possible energy resource. The amount of energy that wind turbines produce is considerably greater than the energy spent building them and wind turbines are easily dismantled, leaving little to no environmental footprint. Studies reveal that conditions in Iceland show vast potential for the fruitful utilization of wind energy. Through these experiments, Landsvirkjun has gained significant experience and insight into operating wind farms under unique Icelandic conditions.

Key numbers

  • Installed capacity

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  • Generation capacity

    0GWh /year
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