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Iceland is sustainable

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Iceland has long been called ‘the land of fire and ice’. And it’s this unique blend of natural geology and northerly location which gives the country a strong and attractive sustainability profile.

Around the world, Iceland is well known for its 100% renewable energy generation. And its transition from fossil fuels to fully renewable has become an inspiration for other countries to replicate and increase their share of renewable energy.

But it’s not only renewable energy that makes Iceland sustainable. When combined with its wider utilization of natural resources, cool climate and long-term climate ambitions, it’s clear why the country is a compelling choice for sustainability-focused data centers.

Iceland is stable

Meeting the high demands

Stable power. Stable environment. Stable costs. Stable connectivity. And stable regulation. When considering the long-term stability of a country or location, data center strategists will typically scrutinize these key factors.

Accurately assessing risk is an integral part of the site selection for a data center. Downtime for any commercial operation can have significant direct financial costs and immeasurable effects on a firm’s reputation.

In Iceland, the data center industry is well established and has been growing rapidly in recent years. A large reason why is the fact that the country is proven to mitigate risks, ensuring secure and stable operations for data centers – now, and in the future.

Iceland is able

A sustainable and stable site for a data center won’t mean much if there isn’t the right support network in place. From a modern and diverse labor market to an attractive business environment, companies also need an investable proposition for people.

Iceland is world-renowned for its high quality of life, strong economic development, and technical innovation. And, as a result, is continually ranked as one of the most civilized and socially advanced countries in the world.

When it comes to ability, a young, educated and internationally-minded workforce, combined with high site availability and favorable business conditions, makes Iceland an increasingly convincing prospect for data centers.

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