Our strategy

A sustainable world powered by renewable energy

Landsvirkjun's vision is a sustainable world, powered by renewable energy.

Landsvirkjun's role is to maximize the value of the renewable energy resources it has been entrusted with, in a sustainable and efficient manner.

To work towards our future vision and fulfill our role, we have set ourselves five strategic objectives:

  • Exemplifying resource utilisation and electricity production

    Landsvirkjun utilises hydropower and geothermal energy, prioritising sustainability, efficiency, and safety. The next steps in harnessing wind power will be taken based on this ethos.

  • Leading the way in climate and environmental affairs

    Landsvirkjun respects nature. Landsvirkjun plays a key role in the energy transition in Iceland. Landsvirkjun contributes to a global carbon neutrality.

  • Pursuing a diverse business and exceptional customer service

    Landsvirkjun works with its customer to increase value creation. Landsvirkjun works towards a green future with innovative measures, developing new opportunities.

  • Providing a progressive and sought-after workplace

    Landsvirkjun supports the wellbeing of its employees, their expertise, and equal rights. Landsvirkjun encourages team unity, job satisfaction, and good company culture.

  • Exceeding expectations in open communication and cooperation

    Landsvirkjun has open and active communication with everyone that interacts with the Company. Landsvirkjun is a good neighbour and the Company seeks cooperation with local communities.