Human Resources

The employees of Landsvirkjun are a crucial factor in the Company’s progress in energy- and climate issues. Landsvirkjun’s key emphasis is developing an excellent work environment that nurtures powerful team unity, success, and a motivating work atmosphere – a progressive workplace that embraces diversity and offers employee flexibility.

Sought-after workplace



Landsvirkjun has 300 employees stationed far and wide around the country.

The Company offers its employees outstanding facilities and flexibility, supporting and facilitating a healthy work-life balance. The well-being and welfare of the employees are constantly being promoted, as well as health prevention and occupational health and safety. Landsvirkjun embraces diversity and puts importance on workplace equality.

After all, a workplace primarily involves employees performing varied and exciting work with clear and concise goals. Good team unity and workplace culture are the foundation of Landsvirkjun’s success.

Embracing diversity

Landsvirkjun embraces diversity and works systematically on equality in the workplace. The Company policy on human resources- and equality ensures that employees are treated based on non-discrimination, and enjoy equal opportunities and rights in their jobs, regardless of race, gender, or age. Harassment, either gender-based or sexual, and violence are not tolerated.

Equality and diversity in the workplace support success and progress and make Landsvirkjun a desirable and sought-after workplace.

Electric opportunities

The times ahead in the field of the global energy transition are intriguing.

Landsvirkjun offers varied and exciting jobs and allows employees to cultivate and develop their abilities, proficiency, competence, and performance and work at what they genuinely want.