Community Engagement Policy

Purpose of the policy

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The purpose of Landsvirkjun's Community Engagement Policy is to promote the positive social impacts and benefits of Company operations alongside the responsible utilisation of natural resources.

Landsvirkjun's Board of Directors sets the Policy based on the CEO's proposal.

  • A good neighbour

    Landsvirkjun is a good neighbour. Our guiding principles are honesty, respect, and a commitment to benefitting the local community in all aspects of operations, from project planning to the operation of power stations.

  • Active participation

    We actively participate in society and support issues and projects that positively impact society.

  • Constructive communication

    We encourage constructive communication and cooperation and share knowledge on Company activities through various platforms.

  • Leading force

    As a leading force within society, we promote energy-related innovation with sustainability as our guiding principle.