Climate Action

Landsvirkjun will become carbon neutral in 2025. Then, emissions from the Company’s operations will equal carbon sequestration.

Ambitious Climate Action Plan

Now is the time to act. Companies must set ambitious climate action plans to mitigate climate change.

Therefore, Landsvirkjun has made a Climate Action Plan for 2030.

Our Climate Action Plan offers ambitious targets, mitigation measures, and prioritisation, which guide the path to the future.

Leadership in Climate Action

In 2022, CDP, a global environmental non-profit organisation, awarded Landsvirkjun the highest score for corporate transparency and performance on climate change. This was the first time CDP awarded an Icelandic company the highest score. Now, Landsvirkjun is one of the leading companies globally on climate action.

CDP supports standardised and professional disclosure on climate issues, rating companies, and stimulating continuous improvements. The disclosure is comprehensive and includes companies’ expansive climate control. In 2022, approximately 19.000 companies submitted disclosure on climate issues to CDP.

Landsvirkjun is one of 283 companies awarded the highest score, securing a place on CDP’s A list.

Key Figures

from Landsvirkjun’s Climate Account 2022

  • Carbon footprint

  • Total emissions

  • Carbon sequestration

  • Net carbon intensity

  • Total carbon intensity

  • Carbon intensity of electricity generation

  • Energy generation

  • Avoided emissions

    0m. tCO₂-eq16%

Hörður Arnarson, CEO of Landsvirkjun

“Climate change concerns us all.

Landsvirkjun, the national power company of Iceland, has the responsibility to react to the current situation.

We will do our part in the fight against climate change, one of the most crucial projects of humanity.”