Respecting Nature and Responsible Utilisation of Resources

Our Climate and Environmental Policy

Landsvirkjun is at the forefront of environmental and climate issues.

We respect the Icelandic landscape and natural environment and continually strive to optimise the use of resources and prevent waste. We safeguard biodiversity guided by an ecosystem-based approach. Emphasis is placed on understanding and minimising the environmental impact of our operations and preventing environmental incidents.

Landsvirkjun intends to achieve carbon neutrality and actively participates in the global response to climate change. We systematically work towards reducing our carbon emissions, supporting Iceland’s commitment to the Paris Agreement, and responding to climate change-induced challenges and opportunities.

Climate and Environmental Policy Targets

  • We maximize the utilisation of harnessed resources

  • We prevent all incidents that negatively impact the environment

  • We commit to becoming carbon neutral in 2025

  • We commit to keeping our carbon intensity below 4 gCO₂-eq/kWh

  • We will stop purchasing fossil fuels by 2030

Director of Climate and Green Solutions