Management System

Landsvirkjun has developed a management system based on years of experience and knowledge and effective work practices. The Management System supports the Company in fulfilling its obligations towards its clients, employees and other stakeholders, as well as the Company’s intentions with regard to developing company policy, based on the values of sustainable development. The Management System provides information on what we do and how we work. An emphasis is placed on integrating management and working procedures, therefore ensuring the reliability of operations, with efficiency and safety as guiding principles.

Landsvirkjun’s Management System is certified according to international standards for quality management, environmental management and safety management.

Landsvirkjun‘s electricity generation is certified by the German Certification Body TÜV SÜD as 100% renewable energy. This is testimony to Landsvirkjun‘s commitment to the development of renewable energy sources and confirmation that Landsvirkjun fulfills the most stringent requirements in production.